Nervous – And Still Prevaricating

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I’m nervous.

It is morning and I really can’t put it off any longer.

They keep telling you to stop prevaricating and to take action.

Well, today is the day I simply have no option but to do it.

But I am nervous.

I woke up several times during the night. Found it hard to go back to sleep again because I knew that today is the day.

I can’t put it off any longer. Not if I want to succeed. And do I want to! It is more than a wanting to. For lots of reasons I NEED to succeed.

All last week I have been thinking about step 2 of the Quick Start Challenge and the task we have been given to do. In the webinar last Wednesday Dean Martin, my mentor, did it in about 10 minutes. I have been thinking about it about it ever since.

There is just so much I have to learn. I have to decide on a product funnel, find a page builder and learn how to use it, learn how to make a video, then make it and post it on the page builder, and then I have to make sure the whole thing works.

I have been thinking about it all week. I have also done a few things. I have watched the webinar in the members section a second time. For quite a long time already I have been making my squeeze pages using Onyalist. I am pretty comfortable with that. I realise I might have to broaden my knowledge of it a bit to include posting a video on the page, but basically I am happy with it and comfortable using it.

However, Quickstart teaches a 3 tier system. There is an added page. I have to build that page and somehow make it fit. I don’t know how to do that in Onyalist. In fact, I didn’t even know if I could do it there, so I asked. I have known the owners of Onyalist for a long time and have bought many of their products.  Over the years they have become personal friends of mine as well as sort of defacto mentors. If I have a problem I generally ask they and they answer very quickly.   They did this time too.  Inside Onyalist there is a thing called Onyawiz. “That”, says Phil, “Will build the page you want.” The problem is I looked, but couldn’t find a training on how to do it. So I’m still nervous. I have to somehow learn that as well, and it looks like this time it will have to be by trial and error.

Dean Martin used Clickfunnels in his demonstration. The problem with that is it is expensive, and if I do purchase it that too will be another thing I have to learn from scratch.

Then I have to learn how to make a video, how to put it on the page, and how to … darn it … just too many ‘how tos’. I makes me nervous just thinking about it.

It is time to stop prevaricating. Indeed even this post is a form a prevaricating. So one thing at a time. Today is the day I take action number 2.

Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have it all done. If I have I’ll be back to record my victory, so you can share in it.☺

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