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This week is different. And how!

Bill’s Funeral

Yesterday we went to Albany, some 400 kilometres from here, for the funeral of my brother in law. Because of the distance involved we left home a little before 6:00AM.

Our eldest son, Henk, and his wife, Leonie, picked us up at 5:45AM so we could travel together. Thankfully we had a good trip, arriving in Albany well on time for the funeral at 10:30.
We first went to the Church where Rev Veldman led the gathering. We then went to the Albany cemetery. Afterwards we went back to the Church building for a family and friends get together with light refreshments and lunch. At about 2:00PM we left Albany to head back home, arriving there at around 6:00PM.

It was a full day. Its whole focus was Bill’s funeral. On occasions like this we are deeply thankful that in grief there is comfort and that we can look over the grave to the life beyond it for those who believe in Jesus. Bill did. We know that for him his death is an entry into life eternal, and are comforted.

At the same time, he is the first of our generation in my wife’s family to pass away. That is a sobering thought. His wife, my wife’s sister, is the first of the family to be alone. You cannot help but stop to think about these things.

Visit to Royal Perth Hospital

Tomorrow I have an appointment in the Royal Perth Hospital for what they call an EEG. I’m not quite sure what the letters stand for but it is a test in connection with my two bouts of Global Transient Amnesia.  As I understand it is some sort of brain scan.

At the time of my second bout of Global Transient Amnesia about two months ago I did have a scan of my head done. That showed nothing, thankfully. I think the EEG is expected to give more extensive information. We hope and pray it will show up that everything is OK, and that the Global Transient Amnesia doesn’t have a more sinister origin.

All this is more than enough reason for me to make sure that one day soon I write up my about page for my blog.  You must be wondering what this is all about. Then you would know everything that has happened, our deep thankfulness for life and health, and also our continuing concerns in that context.

Internet Profits – Certified Partner  

Dean sent me a four part video introduction to his new product funnel, The Perfect Offer. The videos were very interesting and comprehensive.

I think the funnel is a winner, and I would love to promote it, probably as part of the Quick Start Challenge. The promotion has started. There is even a competition with some worthwhile prizes. I am not sure if I am stupid though, because I just cannot seem to find it, nor the place where I can generate my own affiliate link for this product. In the Facebook community several members are indicating they are promoting it, so they must have their links. It would be interesting to know how they got them and where I have to go to get mine. To date no-one, that I can find anyway, has answered my query for assistance.

I have login details for iPRO as a partner, for my iPRO Back Office, for the new Internet Profits site as a Certified Partner, but nowhere can I find this new product. Obviously others can. So indeed I must just be stupid. That’s a humbling thought.

Anyway, tomorrow I won’t be able to do much, if anything, in my business. I hope to attend the   Quick Start Webinar at 6:00AM (AWST), but will probably have to leave it before it is finished so I can go to the hospital for my test. Hopefully it will be recorded so I can watch the rest later, maybe on Saturday. I think, the rest of tomorrow will be in the perspective of that test. Hopefully I’ll be OK again on Saturday.


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