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At last. My children and grandchildren have been  urging me for  along time to write a blog. I never  did, mainly I think because I didn’t know how, and i was somehow reluctant to learn  because a blog seems to belong to the new world which is so different to the one I grew up in. Anyway, here is my first blog. I am now convinced, and I am also committed.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I will touch only a few highlights  as I plan to write a more detailed story of my life on a separate page so that those who are interested you can read it there.

I am  69 years of age, and live with my wife, Erika, in a “Granny Flat” at the rear of our youngest daughter’s property. She lives in the main house with her husband and three little children.

My wife and I were married at a young age. I was 20 and she had turned 21 four days before our wedding. It was November 1968, now nearly 5o years ago. I was a newly qualified school teacher, and she  an equally newly qualified nurse. Our marriage was richly blessed with children. The first, a son, was born a little less than a year after our marriage. Over the next 20 years we had  9 more children, 4 more boys and 5 girls. Sadly one of the boys passed away in 1974 at the age of  years and 3 months. He had  leukemia.

Today all our children are married an have children of their own. We have  47 grandchildren. Of them 3 are married too and have children as well. We have  3 great-grandchildren, with the fourth due as I am writing this post.

We live in  Cardup, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. All our children and grand-children live in this same area. In fact, every one of them lives within a  30 minute drive from where we live.   You will understand that when we get together  it is a large and boisterous crowd.

For more details see the “About Me” page on this site.

I retired in 2008, just before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). You may remember how the GFC upset the finances of many people in many different places in the world.  Ours were among them. In one month the financial arrangements and plans we had made for our retirement were destroyed.

Once I had come to terms with the fact that there was little I could salvage and that our circumstances had completely changed, I realised that I had no option but to find another way of making an income. At my age that was not going to be so easy.

In the end I decided I wanted to start a business I could  run from home. To cut a long story short, about  7 years ago I decided to learn  Internet Marketing.

I realised it would not be easy. I would have to learn many new skills, and learn to operate and be comfortable in a world far different to the one I was used to. I realised I would have to work hard, and long. On the plus side, I could do it from home, working from my own living room at times  to suit myself. Also I would not need to make  a huge  investment involved in setting up a bricks and mortar business of the type I was more used to.

In the years since  that is what I have been doing. I have been focussing on learning Internet Marketing, in setting up a  business earning an income online from my own living room.

It has not been an easy road. When you read my “About Me” story you will see how there were many challenges. There were significant health issues, first with Erika’s health, and more recently with my own, which took precedence over the need to earn an income online, as pressing as that was becoming.

Over the years I spent lots of money too, much of it on programmes which promised so much but delivered so little. That was not always the fault of the programmes, as sometimes I just could not follow through on them and do the work required because  other things, mostly to do with our health, came up and distracted me.    Anyway, the result is that to date I have spent much, and earned little, very little. In fact, my earning to date are literally  only a few dollars, while  what I have spent is in the thousands of dollars.

Yet today I am very thankful. A little over  8 month’s ago I was informed by my doctor that I had cancer in my oesophagus and that there was no hope for me. Since then I have had extensive surgery from which I am still not fully recovered. However, I have been told the surgery was successful in removing the cancer and that i am now cancer free. With that I can again focus on life, and on my Internet Marketing business. We give thanks to the Lord for that renewed perspective.

I am also thankful to be allowed to be part of the “The Quick Start Challenge” run by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. This is a 4 stage programme with the objective that at the end of 30 days we will earn at least $100 per day.

Obviously the aim goes beyond that. Once that income has been achieved it should be a relatively simple matter to  scale it upwards to the level I would like. However,  when I achieve the  set goal I will fell richly blessed and very, very thankful. It will be a wonderful experience to be in that position after these difficult years.

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