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Good morning.

Last night I attended the live “Internet Profits Partner Live Launch of New Members Area and New Offer” webinar. The webinar started around midnight my time (AWST) and finished after 2:00AM. What an awful time to be concentrating on a webinar. By the time it was over I was pretty tired. But, I was glad I attended. It was worth it. Every minute.

Indeed I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Dean Martin unveiled the new member’s area for Internet Profits.  I was impressed with what he and his team have done. No longer is it a site like so many others where you a confronted with  just so much information that you simply haven’t a clue what to do with it all, or even where to start, or what to do next or whatever. Instead in the new Internet Profits the information has been arranged in sequential work modules and is presented to you in logical steps bit by bit as you need it need move forward. . You have to complete each module satisfactorily before gaining access to the next.  That way the information, of which on the internet there is just so much, is arranged in such a way that you get introduced to it as you need it to develop and work your business. What’s more, to become certified everyone has to go through all the modules. No-one is excepted.

Dean was obviously excited to present his vision, and proud of how it has translated into this new site. I think he was justified. I’m keen to get started on the modules and become a fully certified partner, not really because of the status but because for once I can look forward to learning without being overwhelmed, to gaining knowledge in such a way that I will actually know something and be able to do something at the end of the process.

With the late night and the very little sleep I haven’t been able to complete my week two task of the  Quick Start Challenge though. Yesterday I worked on it for most of the day. I tried several page builders but couldn’t get the three tier system to work. In the end I purchased Click Funnels.  It means though another lot of training videos to work through before I can complete the week two challenge. It’s a pity. I’ll be a bit behind when I attend tomorrow’s  webinar where week 3 will be introduced, and I won’t be able to submit my entry on time  but there’s not much I can do about it.

Anyway, back to work now. There’s lots to learn, and lots to do.

At last I believe I am getting somewhere. At last I am not quite so nervous about it all and feel the stirring of some confidence deep in my bones.

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