A Week to Remember

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It’s Saturday afternoon. Before I wrap up the week I like to reflect for a moment on the week gone by.

On a personal level the thing which stands out is that our brother law, Bill, passed away. For the past 11 years Bill had Alzheimer disease. For a long time already he didn’t know or recognise any of us, not even his own wife and children. For years he had been cared for in a home run by an association in our churches.  For the past several months he had been getting gradually weaker. His passing was not a surprise. We had been expecting it.

On Wednesday Bill was taken home.  That’s how we say it. Sometimes we say, “He has been taken up into glory”. We know Bill is with the Lord, and that for him his passing is gain. We believe that, and are comforted.

Yet we grieve, even though the way things have been for a long time now was very difficult, especially for his wife and immediate family. We grieve, even though in a way Bill has passed from us already a long time ago. We grieve, even though we know that Bill’s passing is in many ways a release, not only for him but also especially for his wife and immediate family, and we acknowledge that there is also relief.

We are sad, but we are glad. Is that possible?

I assure you it is. We are sad, I think because his passing means it is the end. He has run his race, travelled his life’s road. It is over. In our life we will not see him again. Yet we are glad because his suffering is over. He has been released, and is now healed and whole again. He is with his Lord. And we are comforted.

The Quick Start Challenge

This week was week three of the Quick Start Challenge. On Wednesday, early morning for me, I attended the live webinar introducing week three. In it Dean Holland introduced us to autoresponders, how they work, what they do, and how to use them to automate your business.
In week one, we were introduced to blogging. Our task was to start one. The result for me is this blog. I know I have lots to do with it yet, but it is there. I have a blog, and this is it. I hope you enjoy it. I still have lots to learn. Have a little patience with me. If you have any ideas to help me please email at  I hope and trust that in the fullness of time it will all happen and hope that you  will find it interesting and above all of value to you.

In week two, we were taught how to set up a three tier system. Our task was to set one of our own so as to be ready to automate it in week three and drive traffic to it in week four.  I spent lots of hours on it but was not successful in completing it on time. The main reason is that I could not find out how to use the page builder I customarily use to build my squeeze pages to build a three tier system.   After trying for some time I moved on to Instabuilder, another page builder I had used before. I found that too not the best for the Three Tier model.

So then I purchased Click Funnels. It is quite expensive, but will allegedly do exactly what I require from it. However, it needs lots of time to learn how to do it. There are many training videos to watch, and lots of little technical things to learn and master.

Internet Profits

Then I saw that Dean Holland and his team had also set up a new site for Internet Profits. What was iPRO has now become Internet Profits. As I am already a partner in iPRO I was given my Internet Profits details. I noticed it has a page builder of its own which you can access once you have successfully completed the training to become a Certified Partner.

That was my programme for the rest of this week. I worked my way through all the training modules to become a Certified Partner, making extensive notes on each module.  Yesterday I successfully completed it.

I am now a Certified Partner of Internet Profits. With that I have gained access to the back office where the various sales funnels produced by Dean and his team are kept and are available for the use of Certified Partners.

I have also gained access to the page builder. Sadly it isn’t ready yet and has not yet been uploaded for our use. That means that my plans use the Internet Page Builder to complete step two of the Quick Start Challenge, to cancel Click Funnels, and thereby save nearly $100 per month as well as making it unnecessary to go through an extensive training to master it, have to be delayed.

In a sense I’m back to square one. I will have to complete the week 2 task in The Quick Start Challenge by using Click Funnels, in itself requiring me to work my way through a daunting training programme. I will then need to complete the week three task, which is to upload several emails into my Aweber autoresponder, and then work on the week four task, which I haven’t got yet.

To complicate things as far as my Internet Business is concerned this coming week will be a short week. There is Bill’s funeral. As he lived most of his life in Albany, some 400 Kilometres away from here, he will be buried there. That means his funeral will take at least one full day and maybe more. You will understand that as far as we are concerned attending it has our highest priority, and that given health we will be there to stand beside his wife and children and as part of the family at this time.

Another thing scheduled for this week is an EEG for me in Royal Perth Hospital. It is anticipated that will take another day.

One day, when I have completed it I will upload my “About Me” page. You will then be able to read my story, and also see why I need and EEG test done at this time.

Anyway, my Strategic Plan for my Internet Marketing for next week has a few holes in it to allow for these other events. At this stage it looks like I will have to work a bit harder and longer in the following weeks to catch up.


I’d like to conclude with telling you about this morning. Erika and I went to our son in law and daughter’s property. They have an orchard in Roleystone which is about a 30 minute drive from our place. It is spring here, and the fruit trees are just beginning to blossom. It is beautiful, absolutely wonderful. In the weeks to come as all the trees come into full bloom I think it will be even more beautiful.   DV, we’ll be back to see it again then.

Let me finish by wishing you a blessed Sunday.

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